HOUSTON (CBS Houston) An official with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office as well as an official with Lone Star College spoke late Tuesday afternoon about the shooting that took place on one of the college’s campuses. Each offered a coinciding assessment of the day’s events.

Acting Harris County Sheriff Armando Tello stated that with the quick response time of Harris County Sheriff’s authorities to Lone Star College coupled with training, the shooting incident was quickly dissipated. According to Tello, units received a call about the shooting in the noon hour and deputies arrived on the college campus minutes later.

According to officials with the Harris County Sheriff’s office: “…the initial 911 call received at the HCSO’s Emergency Dispatch Center was at 12:19 p.m. this [Tuesday] afternoon. The first deputy arrived at the scene four minutes after the information was dispatched.”

Tello also stated that the shooting stemmed from an “altercation between two individuals,” He added. “One of the individuals had a student I.D.” stated Tello. He further confirmed that a maintenance man of the college was shot in his leg and was an innocent bystander; he is expected to make a full recovery from his injury.

Tello further confirmed that there are two persons of interest. Those persons of interest were not arrested at the time of this report. He also spoke about reports surfacing about the shooting being gang related. He replied that he, “…did not have information about the shooting being gang-related” at the time of his assessment of the day’s events. He did however, confirm that the campus was “cleared and secure.”

Dr. Richard Carpenter, chancellor of Lone Star College also provided a coinciding assessment of the shooting and publicly thanked “…various sectors of law enforcement for their quick response time…” to the shooting. According to Dr. Carpenter, Lone Star College is home to 19,000 students and within that network of students are multiple ways they can receive information about emergency situations and circumstances taking place on campus. He further stated that emails as well as text flashes were sent to students via their mobile devices about Tuesday’s shooting, but the service is one that is optional to students.

Dr. Carpenter who also confirmed that one of the college’s maintenance workers was shot in the leg, said that he is in “good shape” and is expected to fully recover from his injuries.

He also added that the shooting comes upon the heels of the college’s 40th anniversary and that there has never been an incident of the magnitude of urgency of Tuesday’s shooting in the college’s 40 year history. He further stated that ironically, the college had been undergoing several days of training for exercises pertaining to emergency protocol and scenarios of a campus shooting. According to Dr. Carpenter, Lone Star College has a 170 member police force that has undergone extensive training in emergency protocol.

Dr. Carpenter thanked the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for their quick response time and added that the campus will be open Wednesday for classes. It is his hope that Tuesday’s shooting will provide a lesson for many to understand and assess as the college’s faculty, staff and students move forward. On the Lone Star College Twitter account was the following providing details about Wednesday:

Officials on Tuesday also confirmed that the two persons of interest who were both male, were injured and that a female student suffered some medical complications after the shooting.

No arrests had been made by any officials at the time of this report.

Click here to read the initial reports of the shooting that took place at Lone Star College Tuesday.


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