During flu season, we all work hard to maintain our health and keep the flu at bay. The staggering numbers of flu cases provide little comfort in our quest to stay flu-free.

Regardless of the dismal outlook of cases during flu season, there are measures you can take to maintain optimal health during outbreaks of the flu.

1. Wash your hands! If you have not invested in a hydrating, anti-bacterial soap, then do so. Make sure you place a container on your work desk, you have a container at home and you even have soap that can be transported around with you. Washing your hands with that soap in warm water for several seconds can really keep germs at bay. Many companies make trial or purse sizes of soap so check them out. Also, there are great smelling,effective anti-bacterial soaps that make your hands smell great. Great smelling, germ free hands are wonderful to have!

2. Cover your mouth with your arm instead of your hand when you cough or sneeze. Instead of covering that cough or sneeze with that hand, opt to cover it with your arm. You don’t have to directly sneeze into your arm, but try directing that cough or sneeze away from others and use that arm to do so.

3. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest. The winter months can be active months for many of us between work, maintaining a social life and etc. So make sure you are making time for plenty of rest each night. You may opt to purchase candles and a lavender spray to ensure a calm and peaceful bedroom that promotes rest and sleep. Also invest in a great pair of pajamas that are warm and comfortable. Be sure to keep your linens fresh and clean and get some sleep!

4. How’s that diet? Are you watching what you eat during the winter months? If your systems can stand a diet rich in citrus foods and foods with vitamin C in them, then consider loading up on oranges, pineapples and other foods that are great at combating cold and flu symptoms. Load up on fresh vegetables and drink plenty of water, fresh juices and other healthful beverages. Try not to skip meals as your body needs fuel in order to prosper. You may want to consider taking multivitamins and nutrients for even extra defense against illness.

5. Exercise. The weather may be a bit cold outside but try to find time to exercise at lest three times a week. Exercise helps to keep your immune system strong. Opt for a great power walk on a treadmill while listening to some great tunes. Take a Zumba class or blast out some frustrations in a boxing or kickboxing class. Get your body moving!

6. Shake that hand and then go and disinfect it! Yes, you are going to meet people, make deals and both are sealed with a hand shake… no problem. Just remember to shake that person’s hand in a great gesture of solidarity and then go and wash those hands or sanitize them! Chances are you will then place one hand in your mouth to clip a nail or grab a piece of food and eat it. We want those hands fresh,clean and germ free all of the time!

7. Finally, have a great attitude as much as you can. Stress can be depleting and added emotional burdens are not healthy for the body. Try spending quiet time each day thinking great thoughts of prosperity, wellness, wonderful health and know that you are a wonderful, healthy and vibrant being! You will be surprised at what a little pep talk can do for your day.

And should you get sick with the flu…

Seek professional medical attention right away. Get plenty of rest, make sure you are out of the way and company of others and know that wellness is on its way to you!

What are some ways you practice when it comes to staying healthy during flu season? Share them with us and watch related video below!


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