HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Pearland Police are working diligently to get to the bottom of a rash of home burglaries taking place in the Pearland area.

According to reports, several kick-in burglaries have been reported in various communities in Pearland in the past two weeks. Thousands of dollars worth of items and valuables have been stolen. Police in the area are seeking answers immediately.

The burglaries which seem to be taking place in subdivisions close to the highway,are leaving several homes hit. What thieves are able to take in a matter of minutes is leaving many residents on edge.

At one Pearland residence, thieves quickly fled the premises after hearing that homeowner yell he was calling police.

As Pearland Police work to determine who is responsible for these crimes, they are finding that the thieves appear to use similar means for their burglaries. According to officials, the thieves drive up the driveway of a home, knock on the door or ring the doorbell. If they do not receive an answer, they then make their way to the back of the home and then kick in a door to obtain items and valuables to steal.

Authorities say that it is possible that the thieves may be renting vehicles such as SUVs to commit the burglaries.

Pearland Police are asking residents to be vigilant and report suspicious activity. Also, residents are being asked to look out for their neighbors and check on them in an effort to ensure safety and well being.

Anyone with information about the rash of home burglaries is being urged to call Pearland Police.


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