HOUSTON (CBS Houston) The new year is beginning with input from citizens in one Houston-area city. Starting January 8, randomly selected Baytown households will have an opportunity to complete a citizen survey and voice their opinion about their level of satisfaction with various city services.

The selected Baytown residents will also have the opportunity to share with the city what they feel are issues that need to be addressed and rank issues based upon their level of importance as they deem fit.

The DirectionFinder citizen survey will be conducted by ETC Institute which is a professional survey organization that administers citizen surveys to cities throughout the United States. They have concentrated their surveys on several Texas cities in recent years.

According to a press release from the Baytown city officials, the survey will allow citizens an opportunity to speak their mind in a fair and just manner: “Residents who receive the survey can mail in the completed form or respond by phone. ETC Institute will begin calling households that do not respond by mail on January 15. Once the necessary number of surveys has been completed and the sample is statistically representative of the City’s population with regard to the demographic and geographic composition of the sample, the survey will conclude. This ensures the survey results will have statistical significance with a precision of at least +/- 4.9% at the 95% level of confidence. The survey should only take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.”

As the city of Baytown places tremendous importance on this survey, city officials see it as an opportunity for residents to speak their concerns, share their questions and reinforce their importance as Baytown residents: “A survey allows the City to assess how residents believe we are performing and where we can improve. Part of the City’s Foundation for Success is to “get better all the time.” The survey will be an important tool to determine if programs and services within the city are meeting residents’ expectations. The survey will also ask residents to prioritize programs or services they would like addressed during the next two years. Residents’ rating of satisfaction and priorities will form an importance-satisfaction rating, which will give City Council and City staff an idea of what issues need to be addressed in the coming years.”

The city of Baytown possesses a desire to listen to the residents of the community while providing the highest quality of city services. The survey allows city leaders an opportunity to have a better grasp of the climate and concerns of residents.

City officials are encouraging residents to take their time in providing detailed, informative and constructive feedback to city leaders and allow for city leaders to respond in a fair and coordinated fashion. Residents of Baytown who have questions about the survey are being urged to contact Nick Woolery at 281-420-6690 or send questions or issues to survey@baytown.org.

If given the opportunity, what would you say about your city leaders? Log on to the Baytown, Texas official website and watch related video about the city of Baytown, Texas below:


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