By JIM MUDD, SportsRadio 610By Jim Mudd

Hi. I’m Jim Mudd, and I’m a fatty.

I’ve been fat for most of my adult life. Sure family and friends will tell me that I’m ‘overweight’ or that I could lose weight for my health, but they’re just being polite. I know fat when I see it; and, brother, I’m fat.

At my largest, I was 360 pounds. No human being should weigh that much. Our bodies weren’t designed to carry so much weight. My back would ache; my hips and legs always hurt. Having fun with my kids would hurt the next day. I knew that I had to lose weight.

Deciding that it was time to do something about my weight was actually the hardest part about losing weight. Once I had made up my mind to change my life doing it was easy. I immediately knew who to call. I called the Quick Weight Loss Center. I knew that I needed their help. I had tried other programs in the past. Sure they all worked. In the beginning. But, I’d always hated food out of a box or group meetings. I never stuck with them. I’d seen the success Rich Lord, John Lopez, and Barry Warner had losing weight. I had also seen that they never put it back on. So that was why I made the first step and called the Quick Weightloss Center (QWLC).

The first thing you notice when you walk in are the pictures. They had pictures everywhere of the success stories. Men and women of various sizes and ages. Men and women that will tell you that if they can do it anyone can. You know right away that you aren’t alone. Others have gone through it and have succeeded.

I went in with a goal of losing 160 pounds. Knowing that others have lost that much weight, and more, really helped me stay on track. I’ve lost 77 lbs so far, and I feel like a new person already. I’ll be writing a weekly blog to chronicle my progress to becoming a former fatty.

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