HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Christmas is a season of gift-giving, displaying unconditional love and celebrating joy. However, there are individuals that may believe that the season is all about personal gain and theft; such seems to be the case for a parcel delivery worker.

A father who lives in northwest Harris County  had decided to make his daughter’s Christmas a bit brighter by purchasing a brand new iPad mini for her for Christmas. He did so and scheduled to have the iPad mini delivered to his home. A Federal Express driver delivered the iPad mini to his doorstep without hesitation or incident but what happened next has seemed to stun a community.

A UPS seasonal employee also came to the home to deliver a box. Instead, he was caught red-handed stealing a box containing an iPad mini from the father’s doorstep.

Dressed in the familiar brown signature UPS uniform, the video showed the driver returning and taking the FedEx package sitting by the front door with the iPad Mini inside.

Little did the seasonal worker know that his theft was being recorded by the father’s surveillance camera.

The father contacted UPS about the theft and he reportedly felt that the company was not treating the incident in a swift and efficient matter. So the father decided to post the UPS worker stealing the Christmas on YouTube.

After thousands of views and exposure of the UPS worker’s actions on YouTube, UPS then reportedly acted swiftly to replace his daughter’s iPad mini.

Not only did they replace the gift, but because of the recorded video, they were able to identify the worker who stole it.

UPS who stated that the man had been hired to help with deliveries during the holiday season fired him immediately.

The worker was also arrested by Harris County Sheriff’s Office and charged with theft.

Check out the video below of the UPS worker stealing an iPad mini from a father’s doorstep:

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