Forget placing this in the “awwww how cute file” and head directly toward the “football gansta rap of the year” one! A pint-sized football fan, partial to the San Francisco 49ers is making her way around the “viral video hub”!

Known to her Twitter followers as @SarahReddenDYT, five-year-old Sarah Redden drops names such as David Akers and Darius Fleming as she raps about her beloved San Francisco 49ers!

Donning tattoos, San Francisco 49ers gear and a skull cap, the young Redden takes love for football to a new level and offers more love for Alex Smith! Colin Kaepernick’s performance also makes the San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback succession a wonderful and complete one and little (should I even refer to her as that?) Sarah sings the praises of her team and raps about it!

Complete with gang signs and attitude, the young girl gives most rappers a run for their money while displaying affection and admiration for her San Francisco 49ers!

Move over Texans, there is a new team that wants to rise to the top and a five-year-old rapping kindergarten kid is leading the way!

Check out “San Francisco 49ers Theme Song -Kaepernicking” below! Share your thoughts!


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