600- Texans clinch the South… With one more win they clinch the #1 seed… And the true stars of this team stepped up… Andre was a monster. Arian had his best game of the year. And JJ motherfreaking Watt.

We’ve run out of words for JJ, so we should let him speak for himself a bit here with some great JJ Watt Audio.

Also, Kubiak too conservative?

615- HEADLINES… Texans win… Patriots lose… Broncos destroy the Ravens thanks to Joe Flacco being Joe Flacco… The Cowboys knock off the Steelers and the Falcons embarrass the Giants.

630- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER… Was the defense back? Or was JJ just unstoppable. Also, Schaub had a very Matt Schaub game. Nothing too spectacular, but very efficient and no serious mistakes.

645- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER… Andre and Arian carried the load on offense. This offense has reached a different level with Andre doing what he’s done over the past 2 months…

The guy reached 10K AND 11K yards this year… How cool is that?

And did we see Arian finally get in the groove? Or was that just Arian being Arian against the Colts, who he has always just destroyed.

And, hey, Devier Posey ladies and gentlemen!

700- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER… Once an hour we simply must pay tribute to JJ Watt… What he’s doing—almost 70 combined sacks, passes deflected and TFLs already—has never been done before… And I know we say this almost every week, but if this guy can’t win the MVP—for a team that is likely going to get the 1 seed—then they should make it an offense only award…

Also, Antonio Smith is having one helluva season, too. And he gets overlooked, but he’s been the 2 nd most productive member of this defense all year.

715- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER… We can go around the NFL a bit here, and also look at the Texans next opponent, the Vikings…

Wow, Adrian Peterson, wow… I said it on Twitter and I’ll say it here-I didn’t see Jim Brown, but I can’t imagine there’s ever been a running back play the position better than Adrian Peterson… The Vikings have NO quarterback, everyone knows it’s coming, and it just doesn’t matter…

Also, are the Ravens done? What about the Giants?

730- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER… Any worry about the offense being overly conservative? And why all of a sudden is this team committing so many penalties?

And did the defense get it’s mojo back, because I thought will one just awful Quinton Demps breakdown, the defense was damn good…

Reggie Wayne was absolutely shut down…

745- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER… NO HUDDLE… Yesterday couldn’t have gone better for the Texans in the other games of the day, and at this point it’s almost a certainty that the Texans are going to get the AFC North Winner/WC team in Rd 2, not the Patriots/Broncos… Can we have a moment of silence in Houston, for my Chiefs?


830- John McClain… Impressed or not, Mr. McClain? Too conservative from Kubiak?

845- It’s been over an hour… I think it’s time to genuflect at the altar of JJ Watt once again… Yes Antonio was very good and Kareem Jackson was very effective as well, but the story was JJ… Again, he not only makes plays, he seems to have a knack for making them in the biggest spots.

900- Gary Kubiak too conservative to win a super bowl? I don’t think that’s the case, but I think unless the defense gets back to it’s 2011 level + JJ keeping up this level up play, he’s going to have to open it up a bit in the AFC title game against the Pats/Broncos…

And what does his conservative calls say about his faith in Schaub?

All that said, 12-2 and now you just need one win in your final 2 and you lock up that #1 seed…

915- HEADLINES with Texans postgame sound plus pxp and postgame sound from the biggest games around the NFL.

930- This was a game for the stars for Houston… We’ve talked a ton about Watt, but maybe not enough about Arian, and certainly not enough about Andre, who is, in my opinion, clearly one of the 2 best receivers in the league, again, for like the 4 th time in 5 seasons.

945- Look back on that Broncos game fondly, Texans fans… Switch that game from a win to a loss and you’re basically locked into the 3 seed at this point, instead of being almost locked into the 1 seed…


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