600- I had a dream the Texans lost… I bring this up only because a loss would result in this city going on DEFCON 5 right?


630- TOP 3…

645- NFL games this weekend…. Unlike last weekend, a TON of good games between good teams…

700- NFL games carryover PLUS what does it take to beat The Colts and why has Indy been so successful in the 4th quarter this year?

715- Wade Phillips speaks on all things defense… Ted Johnson said something interesting yesterday about Wade that I think warrants discussion…

730- Houston Improv…


800- Rob Parker is an idiot, but he’s not the only idiot… We shall discuss.

815- how healthy is JJo, well, we will certainly find out this weekend because he might be going agains the best WR in the AFC…. By the way, you ever look at Andre’s career vs Reggie Wayne? It’s interesting…

830- None of your business!

845- Mike Florio!

900- Crown Royal Black Bold Picks of the Week

915- Boomer Esiason!

930- Simulcast in Indy


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