600- Will the Texans get the #1 seed?… Also, JJ Watt leading Pro Bowl voting… so that’s cool, I suppose.


630- TOP 3… Can the KC Star layoff story inspire the top 3?

645- TEXANS AUDIO… LUCK audio on batted balls… KUBIAK on Luck and Ben Tate… J-JO on Luck and on getting back to 100%… SCHAUB cuts… BARWIN cuts and we can have a bit of a Barwin discussion…

700- HOLDUP… Goodell wants to further eff with the league? EXPANDING the playoffs???

Speaking of the playoffs, NFL Playoff outlook… Our predictions. We discussed this a bit yesterday at 930, I think we should revisit it here… Who wins the NFC East? Who gets the NFC

Wild Card spots? Do the Bears fall all the way out of the playoffs? Can the Jets actually make it?

Also, what were our Preseason playoff predictions? I can’t remember everybody’s but mine were the following: Texans, Ravens, Broncos, Patriots, Jets, Chargers… Giants, Packers, Falcons, Seahawks, Eagles, Bears…

715- Stevie Franchise!!!

730- Doctor Kenneth R First

745- HornSolutions.net NO HUDDLE… I’ve finally got to go after this guy from the Houston Press who took a ludicrous shot at Vandy… http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/12/12/eagles-intend-to-place-patterson-back-on-nfi-list-cut-his-pay/

800-1000: TED JOHNSON

Also, I know I want to talk to Ted about the Shutdown Corner article on Goodell and Tagliabue’s bitch slapping of him…

More on Goodell with this playoff nonsense…

Will include Ted’s thoughts when he sends them


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