After a huge Monday night performance against the Bears, the Texans look to take on the division rival Jaguars. The Jags are 1-8, but it’s not due to injuries…it’s more due to a lack of talent and good coaching. The Texans will have a few key players back this week to assist in the handling of an inferior squad.

For the Texans….

Owen Daniels: Probable – TE – Daniels missed the Bears game last week with a severe hip bruise. He’s a pretty tough guy, so had to have been excruciating to keep him from playing in his neck of the woods last week. I talked to him this week, and he left me with the impression that he expected to play this week.

: Out – RB – The Tate injury saga continues to roll along. He’s been injured for a full month with a severe hamstring pull, and he won’t see the field until the training staff is completely sure he is one hundred percent.

Daryl Sharpton: Questionable – LB – If the Tate injury saga was a short story, the story of Sharpton’s road to recovery is would be an epic novel. That having been said, he only has one more week before he is forced back onto the active roster or placed on the season ending IR. Kubiak said that he might play, but if I was a betting man I would imagine that we’ll see Sharpton back next week against New England.

–UPDATE– Daryl Sharpton was taken off of the Physically Unable To Perform list on 11/17, and added back to the active roster.

Shaun Cody: Probable – NT – While Earl Mitchell and Jared Crick filled the position admirably in Cody’s stead, the Texans will be looking forward to having Cody back in the starting lineup(if for no other reason than to see another episode of Cody’s On The Nose be released).

For the Jags…

Maurice Jones-Drew: Out – RB – The Jags offense for the past several years has consisted of a simple but effective two step process…Step 1: Hand the ball off to Jones-Drew. Step 2: Repeat. Without MJD in the lineup, their offense becomes very no dimensional…

Rashean Mathis: Out – CB – Mathis is the first of two pieces of the Jags starting secondary that won’t be seeing the field on Sunday. This could mean a big day for one or more of the Texans young wide receivers.

Dwight Lowery: Out – S – Lowery’s ankle has been bothering him for a while, and it will keep him from seeing the Texans a second time in 2012.

Any team can win on any given Sunday. Except this Sunday. Texans make it a blow out and cover the spread. 34-10

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