600- Colts will be one, count ‘em, ONE game back if the Texans don’t win Sunday… that means, technically, the Colts control their own destiny at this point, believe it or not… But more importantly—because at least in my eyes Indy has no real chance of catching Houston—let’s talk some Andrew Luck.

-Colts 5-1 since Arians took over… Is Luck already a top 10 QB.

-Are the Colts at this point a playoff favorite?


630- TOP 3…

645- Brandon Marshall… What Ted Johnson said about him is EXACTLY what Wade Phillips said they were going to do…

-He’s the only real big time threat for the Bears offense… Prior to the Titans game, Matt Forte hadn’t had and real big time plays all season. Marshall is the Bears offensive threat.

700- Tipping Point Week… Titans (3-6) @ Dolphins (4-4) …Giants (6-3) @ Bengals (3-5) If the Giants lose, we know they are out of homefield discussion, if the Bengals win, they’re, well nevermind. Lions (4-4) @ Vikings (5-4) the Winner back in the thick of the playoff race… Bills (3-5) @ Patriots (5-3), What we said for the Giants, same goes for the Patriots… Chargers (4-4) @ Bucs (4-4)… The Bucs in the race? The Chargers continue their fall? Jets (3-5) @ Seahawks (5-4)…Can the Seahawks be beaten at home?

715- NFL Games spillover, plus, Let’s talk Cowboys @ Eagles…

-Shaun Cody not playing, I don’t think… Ben Tate almost certainly not playing… Owen Daniels playing?

-Jared Crick (Rick Smith AUDIO from 615 last night on Texans Radio)

730- BROKEN LIZARD courtesy of the Houston Improv

745- Simulcast with Chicago

800- This Chicago defense is more than just a turnover causing monster… They are top 5 in basically everything… 3 rd in sacks, 1 st in QB Rating against (62!!!! They turn every QB they face into a poor man’s David Carr!), Obviously 1 st in Picks, 1 st in FF, 1 st in penalties, 4 th in 3 rd down percentage, 2 nd in points allowed (15!)…

Since Green Bay, Defense 1 st half points allowed: 3, 7, 3, 0, 6, 3. TOTAL-22 points in last 6 1 st halves, 1 total touchdown.

815- College Football games… K-State @ TCU? Road mine for the Wildcats? And did we ever make fun of Colin Klein for his marriage thing? Please tell me we did….

-by the way, If we had an 8 team playoff, there’d by half a dozen more important games, but since we don’t, this weekend of college football isn’t all that great.

830- None of Your Business brought to you by Awesome Sports Logos!

845- Mike Florio brought to you by Man’s Best Friend

900- A&M (+13.5) @ Alabama, Mississippi St (+14.5) @ LSU, Atlanta (-2) @ New Orleans, Denver (-4) @ Carolina, Houston (+1) @ Chicago

915- Boomer Esiason brought to you by HornSolutions.net

930- Straw Poll brought to you ComcastSportsNet

PS- For our very industrious listeners that are reading this, if you want to win None of Your Business today, ask me about what I was thinking during our staff meeting yesterday.


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