600- Texans…. Kubiak’s comments on Andre’s health, and my big takeaway from Sunday that Andre is the key to this team taking the next step…


630- Top 3…. Something with the election, right?

645- Rockets and James Harden from the weekend…. 45 points from Harden… 19 rebounds from Asik… meanwhile the Thunder and Lakers look, well, off… Is the Western Conference open just a bit?

700- Texans…. Let’s talk Schaub, because I think John’s on to something with this whole, “He needs 2 wins and he’ll be considered elite.” Thing. We all say it’s just Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer, but that’s not accurate. In fact, only Peyton Manning and maybe Aaron Rodgers were considered ELITE before they won the big one.

715- College football… Alabama LSU… Texas and Texas A&M… And K-State v Oregon v Notre Dame, a week later…

730- College football spill over… PLUS, let’s talk some Steeler and some Broncos… For my money, the Steelers are currently the 2 nd best team in the AFC, better than Denver AND better than the Patriots, definitely better than the Ravens.

745- No Huddle.

800-900- Players show with ANDRE JOHNSON

900- Mack Brown’s comment on the Hook ‘Em Horns being upside down needing to be “looked at” by the league, might be my favorite development of the college football season…. Plus we can discuss the college games from this weekend that we didn’t have time to get to in the 7am hour.

915- Straw Poll

930- Revisit the Andre and Schaub discussions from earlier, hopefully with some good Andre audio from the players show…


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