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nick lopez 180x50 feature Tweeting why Mario unsuccessful in Houston    best one could win tickets!
There’s still time to Tweet to me @LopezOnSports or @BrookieBentley why you think Mario was not a success in Houston.
Or maybe  you think he was … state your case. Clever earns more points.
Below are some of my favorite Tweets thus far.
And don’t forget there’s still time to send us your best 140-characters about Mario. Tune in Saturday and Sunday at 6 p.m. on our He Said, She Said segment of SportsZone on The KUBE, Channel 57. The Tweet we choose as best of the bunch will win tickets to the Nov. 18 game!
Here are some definite contenders:
‏@miketheinkman: he spent too much time collecting coins and chasing a princess.
‏@joanhou: Mario is the scarecrow,the tinman & the lion; if he only had a brain, a heart & the nerve he’d be champion!
‏@jdub0221 Mario was unsuccessful because he wasn’t allowed to throw fire balls at the QB #supermario #gimmethemtix
@miketheinkman: Mario was a low power guy. Needed more#wattage.
@larryinstafford: Mario like the things the NFL gives him (FastCars,guns) he never love playin football N H-town, Buff or Raleigh and it shows
@jdub0221: Mario wasn’t successful because he was a closet vegan. Since your callers suggest that is y Arian has low ypc
@CMartinJCM: Texans didn’t pay him enough.When paid like the best he’ll finally reach his potential. Past isn’t future. Signed, The Bills
‏@TheGoodRevMack: 2much pressure on a young kid dude. It was like cooking a brisket @450 degrees 4 a few hours then wondering why it wasnt good
‏@toddcabra68: The Chupacabra…out:)
‏@B_Deanda: 50 million reasons why! Got paid and isn’t playing to potential. The guy looks the part can’t get it right
@TNel77346: Mario as fragile as a fall leaf on the ground and as interesting as the branch it fell from.
‏@htowntc: El Niño.
‏@brianmctaggart: He was…the most disinterested man in the world! ~
Send us yours asap. We’ll tell you who gets the tickets on He Said, She Said … Saturday and Sunday at 6 p.m.!

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