GARLAND, Texas (CBS Houston) — Jon McNaughton is at it again.

The controversial artist behind “The Forgotten Man” and “One Nation Under Socialism” has released a new painting, this time for African-Americans called “Runaway Slave.”

McNaughton teamed up with Tea Party advocate and former NAACP president of the Garland chapter, Rev. C.L. Bryant, to produce the piece.

McNaughton says the painting is a tribute to the reverend who is helping to unbind the chains of African-Americans.

“My position is that the Democratic Party has brought the demise of Black America,” McNaughton tells CBS Houston. “Currently, 95 percent of all blacks vote Democrat, and yet what do they have to show for it?  25 percent of blacks suffer from poverty conditions. Sixteen percent of blacks are unemployed and 30 percent of all abortions are black babies.”

The painting depicts Bryant unshackled from his chain, holding a torch high in front of the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol Building, as African-Americans follow behind him.

“For too long, we have been depending on other people for our success. We have to pursue our happiness; our happiness is not provided to us,” Bryant said on McNaughton’s website. “If we are relying on someone else for our wellbeing, that in itself is a form of slavery.”

Bryant added that it’s time to stay strong in the fight against progressivism.

“Run away from economic slavery. Run toward the blessings of liberty. Let us remain strong in this fight,” Bryant stated. “Run away from socialism; run away from progressivism. And if you get tired, America … run harder!”

McNaughton wanted to release the work with just over a week before the election to try to show the black community that President Obama is not helping them.

“This painting is a beacon to all Americans, to free yourselves from the government bondage that enslaves your very soul,” McNaughton proclaims on his website. “Be free of the old taskmaster that will offer you all the comforts if you will but do his bidding. Rise up and be great in the sight of God! You are the ‘Runaway Slave’!”

McNaughton says 100 percent of profits from the painting will go to help Bryant’s cause of freeing black Americans from government’s bondage.

Bryant starred in a documentary earlier this year also titled “Runaway Slave” that claims to show how the federal government was re-enslaving the black race.

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