The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is hoping that this year’s Halloween is a fun, festive and safe experience for all Harris County residents. To ensure such, officials are sharing various safety tips for children and adults. The following are tips as presented by the HCSO:

For Children:
1. Walk, slither, and sneak on sidewalks, not in the street.
2. Never go trick-or-treating alone.
3. Never go inside a stranger’s house to get treats. Stay outside at a safe distance.
4. Look both ways before crossing the street to check for cars, trucks, and low-flying brooms.
5. Cross only at intersections.
6. Carry a glow stick or flashlight to make sure people see you and you can see them.
7. Have your parents check all treats before you eat them. Don’t eat candy if the package is already opened.

For Adults:
1. Help your child choose a safe costume. A safe costume should be fireproof or fire retardant. It should also be brightly colored or treated with reflective tape, and should not be a tripping hazard. Masks should allow for clear vision.
2. Make sure a responsible adult is with your young children when they go trick-or-treating.
3. If children will be going trick-or-treating alone, set a safe route and a time for them to be home. Have them check in with you at regular intervals.
4. If you are driving, make sure to drive slowly and safely with your hazard lights on.
5. Check all treats before allowing your child to eat them. Allow children to eat only unopened treats and those in their original wrapper.
6. Report any suspicious or criminal activity to your area law enforcement.
7. Go to the HCSO’s website and click on the “Crime Reports” box. Use it to identify the locations and names of registered sex offenders in your area, and then make sure the kids avoid those homes.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office wants residents to know that officials will be present on Halloween evening ready to assist residents with questions and issues: “Others who will be out on the streets on Halloween are deputies with the HCSO’s Sex Offender Registration Unit. They’ll be checking home addresses of known sex offenders to make sure they are not soliciting or enticing children to their doors,” stated the HCSO.

Cicely C. Mitchell/ CBS Radio Houston

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