It seems Michelle Obama’s push to get American women healthy isn’t just keeping them in shape; it’s helping them cut back on the calories.

A recent study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that just 45 minutes of brisk walking curbs your appetite, regardless of a person’s weight.

After a short work out on a treadmill, the researchers found, women (all of varying sizes) had less interest in food and did not eat more on the day they exercised to “make up” for the calories they burned.

Now, instead of briskly walking to the office vending machine to pick up a candy bar, use that extra energy to go over to the desk of that cute co-worker you’ve been sparring with. It turns out a little harmless flirting can help women get their way in a fight.

Another study, called the “Feminine Charm: An Experimental Analysis of its Costs and Benefits in Negotiations” featured in the science journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, found that flirting showed confidence, which is a key trait when it comes to winning in negotiations.

The researchers tested whether women who flirt are more effective in negotiating than men who flirt. The 100 participants were asked to evaluate their partner’s effectiveness. In the end, women who used their feminine charm were rated better than the men who tried to use some subtle flirting techniques.

So, do you flirt to get ahead?  And what do you think of other women that do this?

Shannon Carlin, CBS Local


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