600- Texans Ravens… Are we overhyping the importance of it? I think not.


630- Top 3… Matchups of the Week? Packers offensive line vs Rams defensive ends & Jared Allen vs Cardinals tackles… Brees vs Bucs 2ndary… Johnny effing football vs LSU defense front…

645- I hate to do it again, but I can’t help myself (IF the Texans season peaked in Week 4, this is how it would look)… PLUS, Rick Reilly is SUCH a tool. I gotta get Lopez’ take on the 11 TIME sports writer of the year. http://deadspin.com/5952980/rick-reilly-mistook-a-satirical-blog-post-for-actual-fact-again

700- Texans Ravens… * Arian Foster/Offensive line — I know Arian is second in the league in rushing, but his yard-per-carry is abysmal. If they can’t do it against the Ravens’ run D, then they have serious problems.

* Interior LBs — vs. run and specifically pass vs. Ray Rice.

Compare how Arian has been running to how Marshawn Lynch ran last night…

715- NFL Games of the Week… Cardinals @ Vikings… Jets @ Patriots… Redskins @ Giants… Steelers @ Bengals…

730- Comedian Courtesy of the Houston Improv

745- HornSolutions.net NO HUDDLE

800- Texans Ravens… The injuries on both sides of the ball…

815- College Football games of the week


845- Mike Florio

900- Crown Royal Black Bold Picks of the Week

915- Boomer Esiason



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