600- Cant think of a better week to ever play the Ravens… I think the general public is majorly DOWNplaying the significance emotionally of the Lewis injury–players know an ERA mig be over… And down p,saying the significance of laradarius webb’s injury on the field….


630- Top 3… I think we can do it off of the text from yesterday…

645- JJ Watt Audio…. Also, a response to a VERY critical email…

700-Are the Texans potentially a flawed team? Sure. But let’s look at the contenders… Aren’t all of them? Patriots- consistency… 49ers- Cant get behind… Packers- very leaky defense… Bears- Jay Cutler… Falcons? giants?


730- Doctor Kenneth R First


800-900- Ted Johnson

Kubiack said he was watching the last part of the game “something like 15 times” to see if guys were giving effort. He wanted to see “how much football meant” to the guys. Wow…nothing and I mean nothing is worse than being called out for not giving effort. We should discuss…

1. One thing that stood out was the inability of M.S to extend plays. A.R is a duel threat. He picked up one 1st down running the ball and has 125yrd on 22att (5.7avg) for the year. Watching A.R extend/create plays for his offense was evident on Sun. Is it a concern M.S doesn’t have that dimension to his game?

2. We need to talk about JJo….I have a problem with guys playing hurt. If a guy is injured and is a liability he should be sat down. The whole tough guy playing through pain is bull crap. It hurts the whole team when a guy is not 100%. Especially when its something like a groin bc it can never heal if you keep playing on it. It’s selfish…

3. We should discuss the absence of Cushing. What’s the impact? Overall play of the MLB’s. And….can an injured guy still be an emotional leader from the sideline (Cushing/Lewis)? I think not….

4. The one major area of concern I had about this team was if they had the ability to strike fast/play catch up would they be able to do it. Is this a legit concern or just a blip?

5. Wow…after watching the film I’m inclined to say this might be the worst defense the Texans will have played to this pt. Hurts to say bc the DC (Dean Pees) is my old LB coach but jeez they are bad. If the Texans have trouble running the ball this week its officially time to panic.

900- Dan Dierdorf


930- 600am Redux…


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