600- How bout that Steelers Titans game! On a related note, my goodness the AFC stinks… Right now, 5+ weeks in, 10 AFC teams are under .500… Ten! Also, this absolutely was not an example of Tennessee being better than we thought, they didn’t even play that well…


630- Top 3… And the craziest Aaron Rodgers stat ever…

645- Remember that “Texans peaking” conversation? Yeah, about that… We all hope that wasn’t the case, but a loss this week, after the Cushing injury, well it would start to seem more possible…

700- NFL Games of e Week… Giants @ 49ers… Patriots @ Seahawks… Cowboys @ Ravens,..

Holliday picked up by the Broncos… Keshawn’s expectations?

715- Red River Shootout! -And I’m still pissed about JJ’s sack! I watched the play, I say hogwash.

730- Carlos Mencia

745- No Huddle… Raiders @ Falcons… A “must win” for a 3-2 team? I think so… Winner of Rams @ Dolphins a legit playoff contender?…

800- Question of the game: Wich Aaron Rodgers shows up? The only stat you need… Packers are 24-1 in last 3 years when Rodgers has a QB rating of 105+… Packers are 8-9 when he doesn’t… That means, unless ARod plays like, quite literally, the best player in the world, the Packers are a sub 500 team… Wen he plays like the best? They’re unbeatable.

815- …Have you seen the Colts next 5 games? @Jets, Browns, @Titans, dolphins, @Jags! Then @Patriots, Bills, @Det, Titans… Combined record next 5 opponents: 7-19… next 9- 14-33!!!! So, with that said, and looking at the AFC as a whole, is Lopez preseason pick so crazy anymore?

830- NOYB

845- Mike Florio

900- Crown Royal Black Bold Picks of the Week with Brooke and Todd…

915- Boomer Esiason

930- Straw Poll


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