If you’re stuck at your desk on a daily basis and don’t always have that window of opportunity to get to a gym, one awesome solution is to do your exercises while sitting at your desk.The following five exrcises are the best ways to burn calories and build muscle without giving  much thought.

Fidgeting While Sitting
If you’re a person that can’t sit still when you work, fidgeting consistently will burn at least 300-500 calories a day. Wiggle in your chair, bounce your legs up and down, move your arms, and shake your feet back and forward. Do anything that will keep you moving.

Calf Exercises
To exercise your calves, do seated calf raises while sitting at your desk. Push your toes into the floor until your heels are as far off the ground as they can go, then lower them back to the floor and repeat. For more resistance, simply rest your other leg on your knee. Not only will you get well-defined calves, this exercise will also strengthen the muscles in your calves and burn calories.

Seat Squats
With your chair behind you, simply stand a few inches in front of it with your butt facing the chair. Hold your arms out straight in front of you, bend your knees and lower your butt down toward the seat grazing the edge of the chair, then stand back up and repeat. Be sure to keep the weight on your heels as you squat down.

The Seated Reverse Crunch
Move forward  to the edge of your seat and place your hands on the armrests of your chair. With your back straight, put your knees close together and slowly pull them up off the ground  closely to your chest. Hold for a few seconds, then lower your feet back down to the ground and repeat.

Bicep Exercises
Bicep curls is another exercise that can burn calories and build muscle. Simply rest your elbow on the desk with your palm facing up, bring your hand up toward your shoulder and then switch arms occasionally. For resistance, bring in  free weights or dumbbells to keep at your desk, and perform the exact same steps.