Yes, it is all in a day’s work this week over at Reliant Stadium as the Texans stepped back on the practice field in preparation for the Titans.  One thing, the national media is a buzz about Houston’s team after their perfect 3-0 record, to start the 2012-2013 season.

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However, that is really not of much concern to the Texans right now.  Players like Matt Schaub would be quick to tell you that being number one in the power rankings in week three is not the ultimate goal.

“It’s a compliment, but at the same time, it’s after three weeks,” Schaub said. “We want to be that team that’s there in February. We’re not satisfied with that.”

Players like Arian Foster also share the same sentiments about the post-week three honors.

“Rankings are about as useless as the piece of trash on the side of the street,” Foster said. “Actually the piece of trash is probably a little more useful because you can recycle it, depending on its content.”

All this being said, the attention fully turned to the Titans almost immediately after the 31-25 win over Peyton Manning and the Broncos on Sunday.  This is a team that guys like Andre Johnson know not to take lightly.

“Like I said before, you can’t overlook anybody in this league,” Johnson said. “All the teams have good players and any given Sunday anybody can be beat. Just like I’m pretty sure nobody thought Minnesota would beat the 49ers, but it happens.”

Arian Foster has also been around tons of these matchups with Tennessee over the last three seasons.  He knows fully well, that these division meetings are always contentious.

“It’s a rivalry,” Foster said. “We’re in the same division. It’s like that when we play Jacksonville or Indy. It’s just one of those tough, physical games.”

Tennessee’s defense does come in to Sunday’s game as one of the league’s worst defense’s in terms of total yards surrendered and points per game.  So far in three games, they have given up an average of 463 yards per game.  That number ranks them only in front of the Saints.  Plus, opposing teams are averaging just shy of 38 points a game against them.  That is dead last in the NFL.

All that being said, players like Kevin Walter are not taking that issue lightly with the Titans.

“They’re physical, they’re solid, they fly around,” Walter said. “We always have a battle with those guys and we know it’s going to be a tough test. Looking at them, you know they’re a physical team.”

Offensively, the Titans have been one of the league’s best in terms of passing yardage.  Jake Locker and his offensive line have been responsible for the tenth ranking overall.  Locker has only been sacked twice throughout the short season and was only hit twice in last week’s game against the Lions.  JJ Watt is ready to add number ten to his list of quarterbacks sacked, after he added number 18 to that list.

“Those guys are good and their quarterbacks can run, so he saves them sometimes, Watt said.”  Haven’t faced the Bulls On Parade yet.  So, we’ll see.”

Not to be lost in the storylines of Wednesday was the recent news that Broncos linebacker Joe Mays was suspended for one game and fined $50,000 dollars by the NFL, for his hit on Matt Schaub.

A punishment that Kevin Walter feels is totally warranted.

“It was a heck of shot Matt took and he got suspended/fined,” Walter said.  “I believe he got fined earlier last week for hitting the passer.  So, you gotta learn some time.”

To the man that got hit, Matt Schaub has put it in the rear-view mirror.

“There’s no hard feelings,” Schaub said. “The league does what the league needs to do. He definitely came up and apologized and felt bad about the hit, and I’m fine, but we’re just looking to move on.”

Now, you’re probably wondering why there is no mention of the newly agreed upon NFL-NFL Referee’s Association collective bargaining agreement.  That is because the CBA was agreed upon later in the evening when player availability was finished.  Stay tuned to SportsRadio610 and all day for reaction from the Texans.


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