LAFAYETTE, La. (CBS Houston) – Instead of asking a fourth-grade student to stop talking in her class, a Louisiana substitute teacher allegedly taped the 9-year-old’s mouth shut to get him to be quiet.

Police and school officials are investigating an incident from last week regarding a substitute teacher allegedly taping a young boy’s mouth shut in front of his classmates.

KATC reports that the 9-year-old student at J. Wallace James Elementary School in Lafayette, La., was embarrassed after his substitute teacher, who has yet to be identified, quieted the boy with red duct tape.

“We had an incident at J. Wallace James that involved a substitute teacher who was trying to keep a child quiet and didn’t use very good judgment and put tape across the child’s mouth,” Superintendent Pat Cooper told KATC.

Cooper added, “It’s very serious. Any time we treat a child outside the boundaries of our discipline matrix, and also just outside the boundaries of what seems to be common sense. You just don’t do that to children.”

On Sept. 12, the boy returned home from school and was visibly upset. Michelle Droody, the boy’s mother, reached out to the school to find out what happened to her son.

This week, Droody learned that her son’s substitute teacher had been accused of taping his mouth shut in front of his classmates.

Media reports indicate that the school district interviewed almost 100 kids to get to the bottom of what happened. Cooper told KATC that a police report has been filed. Droody has made it clear that she will be pursuing charges.

“Now he has to face these same kids for the rest of the year that were sitting there laughing at him,” Droody told KATC. “The embarrassment and the shame that goes along with having someone you’re supposed to respect that comes and duct tapes your mouth shut in front of everybody.”

The police investigation of the incident is ongoing.


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