Anytime you write a column like this, it comes with scrutiny. I, like you, have passion for certain sports teams. I was actually a season ticket holder for two of these teams on the list so I’ve put any past or present bias aside. I completely understand if you’re mad that your team is on the list. You are passionate about your team and your wardrobe consists of the same logos I’m about to tell you needs to change. Let’s dive into some of these and let the debate begin.


Houston Astros
Forget about the logo, let’s just do a total makeover and re-name them the Colt .45’s. We know that won’t happen but I see just as much .45’s merchandise around H-town as Astros. Jim Crane is the newest owner and wholesale changes have begun. Part of that is a uniform change and discussions have occurred about whether to change the team name and logo. I’m up for both. Call me crazy but what’s the alternative to spike interest, hire a 50 year old former Cy Young winner to draw publicity? Oops, that just might happen before a logo change.

Anaheim Ducks
Remember when the Ducks first came out how popular their logo was. Heck, the Ducks were named after the popular Disney movie and when the club began, Disney owned the team and used the “Mighty Duck” logo. Since 2006, mighty has been dropped from the name. I just can’t wear a logo featuring the bottom of a Ducks foot. Just doesn’t do anything for me. They wear this patch on their uniforms and I say make the patch your primary logo.

Phoenix Coyotes
Coyotes should look vicious. They should have saliva dripping from their mouths waiting to pounce. Especially on a hockey jersey! This is one of the most violent sports we have. The logo should be just as violent.

Calgary Flames
Calgary, you are an awesome hockey town and for that reason, you deserve better. In fact, my suggestion is that you use your alternate logo the flaming horse that was used from time to time from 1999-2007. The flaming horse makes sense and symbolizes Calgary’s rich history of the Calgary Stampede/Rodeo.

Dallas Stars
I was a Dallas Stars season ticket holder for four years. In that time, I struggled to wear Stars clothing. I get that it’s derived from the Minnesota North Stars which is where the team came from but if you are in the Lone Star State and you’re the only NHL team in Texas, don’t you think using the Texas colors would be more inviting than green and gold? I just feel as though their logo and uniforms are too basic. That being said, be careful what you wish for. Remember this alternate logo that the Stars came out with. The logo didn’t sell. Gee, I wonder why?

Miami Dolphins
When I think of football, I think of physical play, big hits, huge emotion and a smiling dolphin? The color scheme, the sun surrounding this mammal along with the “M” helmet that doesn’t fit the dolphins head just doesn’t do it for me. Miami hasn’t been good since Dan Marino. The interest is low in Miami and there have been very few updates to this logo. On Sunday, they drew their lowest opening day crowd in their history. It’s time for a change fins fans.

New England Patriots
I grew up in New England and believe it or not, there was a time when you couldn’t find Patriots gear in New England, let alone the rest of the country. This was a dreadful franchise where 17-30,000 was a good crowd at their games. I know, hard to believe. The team needed a makeover so they changed in 1993 at the same time that Bill Parcells would take over the team and change the fortune of this once troubled franchise. I was a season ticket holder at the time and although we loved the winning, we just kept thinking that if Elvis had a 4th of July party, this probably would be what
he looked like with his patriotic mullet. The Patriots revert back to their old uniforms from time to time. Former linebacker Ted Johnson told me that he was fired up whenever he got to wear “Pat Patriot”. I see Pat Patriot gear all over the place. Now that the team is beloved, why not just go back to the old logo that everyone loves? Let Elvis leave the building for good.

Cleveland Browns
Cleveland, you are an amazing sports town. I love your dedication to your teams and I appreciate your history and passion for your NFL franchise. The name Browns has such historic value with legendary figure Paul Brown but when your logo is nothing but a helmet, a little sprucing up could do. This franchise has fallen on hard times. I knew it wasn’t a great logo when a former NFL player once referred to a girl as a Cleveland Brown. He paused, looked at the girl and said, “A Cleveland Brown, great uniform, bad helmet”. In other words, great body but the face isn’t as desirable. Was it shallow, yes but everyone that I’ve told that story to gets a chuckle out of it. Cleveland has great fans and part of that fan base is called the “Dog Pound” at the games. Keep the Browns name but why not put a mean looking pooch on the burnt orange helmet. I’d buy that merchandise.

Atlanta Falcons
Do a simple Google search for Falcons logos and so many more mean looking Falcons appear. Random Falcon fact. This bird can dive at nearly 200 mph which makes them the fastest moving creatures on earth. Why not put that into the logo. Why not have a mean looking bird face like the Eagles do. Why not do a clever logo with the talons. Minus the very slight changes, they’ve basically had the same logo since their inception in 1966. It’s time for a change.

San Diego Padres
It’s certainly not the worst logo I’ve seen. It’s a simple baseball logo. It wouldn’t even be on this list but you have such an awesome logo on your bench waiting to be brought back to life. That swinging Padre is sweet. If you want to modernize it, I’m all for it but the swinging Padre is an awesome baseball logo. You can’t put hidden treasures like this in the vault and make us move on. Bring back our Padre!

Indiana Pacers
Umm, what actually am I looking at? You’re called Pacers because of two things. The rich history of harness racing pacers as well as the pace car at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. So let’s get this straight, you could use a fast car or a cool looking horse as a logo but instead use a P on steroids and a painted basketball that you didn’t allow the paint to dry so it dripped? They’ve had a version of this logo since the 80’s so just like 80’s hair bands now have short hair, it’s time to get with the times.

Orlando Magic
This is one of those logos that isn’t bad, it’s just there. You have a cool name, you have Disney in your town so the logo possibilities are endless. Give me a mean a rabbit dunking a basketball with a top hat. Give me something crazy from Alice in Wonderland. Stars and a basketball have been a part of this logo since the team was created in 1989. I’d love to see a change.

Portland Trailblazers
The Portland Trailblazers logo was made to symbolize two teams playing each other. There are 10 lines, 5 on each side symbolizing the sides. Looking at this logo is the same look I give when staring at an abstract painting at a museum. Nope, I still don’t see it. The Blazers have had the same logo since day one. At one time the lines were up and down and now they are tilted. Maybe, they’ll turn it upside down next. It’s still going to be the same logo. Portland basketball fans are awesome and in my opinion, they deserve a much cooler logo.


I’m always looking for your opinion so let me know which logo you’d like to see get a makeover. Speaking of logos, we’d also love to get your thoughts on our logos that we put on awesome t-shirts. Awesome Sports Logos was created to put the fun and creativity back in sports logos. Hopefully we get that part right and you guys like our super soft cool t-shirts. Thanks again for reading!!