Cypress, Tex. (CBS HOUSTON) — A 13-year-old girl almost got to meet the boy of her dreams – but first she had to drive 800 miles in a stolen car.

The lovestruck teen girl stole her mother’s ATM card, sneaked out her bedroom window, and hopped in her brother’s car to meet a 12-year-old she was talking to via Xbox online.

Beth Robinson – who lives in Cypress, Texas – made it all the way to Nashville, Tenn. before an alert state trooper ended the illegal adventure.

“I can’t wait to see her and hug her and know she was home,” Mom Tressa Robinson told KHOU Texas.

The teen’s parents discovered she was missing from their Cypress home Thursday morning. They called police and her father headed out to try and find her.

“It’s really scary, it’s really scary. I had 15 hours of driving and, you know, all you want to know is that you can hold her again and can tell her you love her,” Robbie Robinson told KHOU Texas.

Authorities also began tracking Elizabeth’s travels through the ATM card. After a Nashville station ran KHOU 11 News’ story, an Amber Alert was issued.

Beth’s father said those long hours behind the wheel were tough.

“When you’re sittin’ in your truck by yourself you can hope for the best and pray for the best, but the negative thoughts do enter your mind,” he said. “You hear all the cases, all the time that they don’t show back up or they’re missing for months or years.”

When Beth stopped for fuel in Hope, Arkansas, her ATM card was declined six times. Strangers finally gave the teen gas money, but the delay gave her father and authorities time to catch up.

According to WSMV, Trooper Dwayne Stanford received an alert that Beth had been seen in Hope around 2 p.m. Thursday. He calculated that she would be headed his way about 10 or 11 p.m. so he pulled over to wait.

As he predicted, Beth drove right by him on Interstate 40 around 10:24 p.m.

When Stanford turned on his lights to pull her over, she nearly struck a guardrail while exiting the interstate.

“She was scared. She was nervous. She was still explaining to them that she was trying to get to Hodgenville, Kentucky to see this little boy, Dylan,” Tressa Robinson told KHOU.

The Robinsons decided to let Beth meet Dylan so she could put this to rest, once and for all.

“My husband and I had a long talk, and we need to find out for ourselves and peace of mind what is going on,” Tressa Robinson told KHOU.

Robbie and Beth made the drive to Hodgenville, but they never found Dylan’s home.

They’ll be back in Houston Saturday. Beth won’t face any charges.

-Benjamin Fearnow


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