By NICK WRIGHT, SportsRadio 610By Nick Wright

1-     Defensive end J.J. Watt was an absolute monster whose impact on this game cannot be overstated. Directly caused 2 turnovers. Had a monster sack. He was the game’s MVP and it was not close.

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2-      Houston play a C- game—at best—and still covered the biggest line of the weekend in the NFL. Yes, the Dolphins had 4 awful turnovers, but all 3 of those were caused by a great play by a defender, and look at what Philly did—they got gift turnovers from a terrible rookie quarterback, and they needed a last second touchdown to win by a point. But still, I didn’t really like how the Texans played overall, and it’s more than fair to say that aside from 2nd quarter they were downright bad. But if you can play poorly and still win by 20, you’re in pretty darn good shape.

3-     Quarterback Matt  Schaub played very poorly early on—and then much better late. Still, the stats say he had a much better game than he really did. Missed some throws, wasn’t sharp in general, held on to the ball way too long on the sack on the first drive of the game. Pressure of the new contract? I don’t know.

4-      I hated the 3rd down play calling/execution, especially early. A screen on 3rd and 14… running back Arian Foster doesn’t pick up 1 yard… A bomb to tight end Owen Daniels on 3rd and 2… A draw to Foster on 3rd and 20… And that 1st and Goal from 3 that only generated 3 points didn’t matter today, but that’s something this team has to shore up.

5-      Andre was just an absolute monster, which is nice, because none of the other receivers showed up… Keshawn Martin dropped the one pass thrown to him, Lestar Jean picked up a nice 3rd and 4 and that was it for him, and Kevin Walker was Kevin Walter. However, more importantly, Andre freaking Johnson, man. Schaub was locking on to him and it didn’t matter. I understand that the Dolphins don’t have any corners, but man is Andre just amazing.

6-      Foster was eh… not great, but not awful. Dolphins run defense is the strongest unit on that awful team.

7-      Daniels had a big game with some very big catches.

8-      Defensive end Antonio Smith had some choice words for Richie Incognito after the game, along with the replacement officials. He explains perfectly why the replacement refs are a safety risk.

9-      Return specialist Trindon Holliday had a bad game. One decent return was nullified by penalty. He was bad, with one awful play—the kickoff bobbled and returned to the 5-yard line. He needs to show something to go back to being an asset, because right now, no one is scared to kick to him.

10-   I didn’t think the offensive line played well, at all. They weren’t awful, but not good, and there was a stretch when Wade Smith was getting abused. And, finally,  Watt, man.  The guy didn’t even play preseason, wow.