Watching Derek Newton…

Trindon didn’t get to return KO…

5 consecutive very positive plays (7+yds) before Schaub nearly throws pick on pass to AJ…

Saints defense just dreadful… Guys wide open.

Bullock with a Very short kickoff…

Kareem step for step with speedy Henderson deep…

Quin CRUSHES Ivory and FF… My god that looked like it would’ve hurt…

Schaub targeting TEs repeatedly early.

Newton let’s his man blow up the play AND he held. Bad look for him.

Jean fights for a near pick and gets it.

TD Keshawn and a thorough domination for first 8 mins… 14-0

Another short KO from Bullock.

EVERY receiver (Henderson, Colston, Moore) took a turn on Kareem. Moore TD and PI on Kareem… 14-7 texans 4 left in 1st

TRINDON FUMBLE 6!  14-14… ONLY thing Trindon couldn’t do was fumble, and he fumble 6ed there

Trindon kneels KO.

Butler in at RT…

Andre is so freaking smooth.

Schaub shredding theSaints… 11-12 for 130yds in 1st…

And now Butler with a hold/sack combo… Bad look for him, too.

And w Keshawn fumbles…

Kareem Jackson now plays wrong defense and Graham gets 30…

Graham just eating texans alive the drive.

Texans D holds and saints only get 3… 17-14 saints.

And Trindon with a Monster return, 64 yds…

Schaub throws pick, that AJ breaks up. Tats 3 close picks for Schaub

Andre comes down hard on right shoulder on a ball he could’ve caught…

Texans punt and down it at 1… Mcmannis mightve just made the team.

And Manning with a FF and FR after replacement refs blow fwd progress call….

TD Arian untouched. 21-17 texans… 9 left in 2nd

3 and out for Texans defense which has played very well save Kareem…

OH TRINDON!!! Muffs punt but it goes out of bounds.

Another fumble by Keshawn! Wowzers.

Demos and Manning with an awesome near combo pick on pass to Graham…

Why is Bradie James covering Graham 1 on 1?

Saints go for it on 4th and Texans D holds…

Can’t convert 3rd and 2 and settle for FG… 24-17 Texans… 2 left in half.

Graham is a monster again and the REFS ARE A JOKE! wade Phillips might pass out.

and even after graham’s catch is wiped away the saints just TORCH the previously solid Texans D…

24-24 at the Half.

Has anyone seen Mercilus in the last 2 weeks?

Saints move it easily, then stall inside 10… FG good, 27-24 saints

DJ Bryant with a pressure, in early. Practice squad?

Holiday let’s a punt drop he probably should’ve caught but was gun shy…

Graham good from 53… Bullock not kicking? Graham kicking off too, 27-27 10 left in 4th

THERE’S Mercilus… Unblocked and sack

Crick has made same nice plays, mostly 2nd team D has been meh

Carmichael picked on formTD… 34-27 saints

Texans backup OLine has been really bad.


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