600- HEADLINES. > and yes, you listeners and Lopez saved my life…

615- what to make of the fumbles? I thought the defense played well until final drive of the half, except for Kareem, who looked really bad… 24 points look bad but the defense really only allowed 14… > > Schaub also was excellent, even though he had a bunch of near misses on INTs… He also does sure seem to just let Andre take a beating going up and getting the ball.

630- …. Top 3

645- Clemens! He pitched well! > > These Jim Crane quotes are just not to be believed… You wouldn’t be bringing him for ticket sales? REALLY?!? Then why would you bring him in… > > The Royals were there scouting him too! Does God just hate me?

700- The case against Trindon Holiday making the team… I’m a Trindon fan, but I think I can make the argument against him and I think it might be what Kubiak is thinking…



745- HORNSOLUTIONS.net No Huddle… Dd you see the Jets player get his knee blown up cuz the safety went low?…

800- Best and Worst offseasons: > Best- NE, addressed needs in draft, no preseason injuries of note, no holdouts. > > Texans: young guys answered questions at WR (as best they could)… No injuries of significance… Got an impact 1st rounder… > > Colts: added Vontae Davis, Luck looks brilliant > > Worst- Pittsburgh: lost Decastro for the year, Adams doesn’t look ready, Wallace isn’t there, haven’t addressed RB and Big Ben seems to hate Haley. > > Jets: obvious reasons. > > Bucs: lost Davin Joseph, Freeman hasn’t looked good at all. 


830- Around the NFL… Peyton Manning is starting to really scare me again… Terrelle Pryor, maybe the raiders should just go with Pryor, I mean, why not. Palmer stinks…I like the Vontae Davis trade for Both teams… Did you SEE Andy Dalton this weekend? My god… And it’s going to be a long year for Weeden and Tannehill…

845- graham over bullock… The case against Trindon… And do we have a final 53? What spot would we most like to add a guy who another team cuts to add some depth?

900- when we talk AFC powers, I think we need to replace Pittsburgh with Denver… the Broncos terrify me,right now. 


930- let’s revisit ROCKET… And Crane’s comments and the spectacle of it all. >

945- SHINER Whiner Line… WINGSTOP 2 Minute Drill… Handoff to Mike and Brad…


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