By MIKE WILLIAMS, SportsRadio 610

Well, what has two thumbs and has been sweating the third string RB spot?

This guy. (Pointing both thumbs at myself)

Now that Justin Forsett has had the opportunity to show the world that he can still compete and run well, you and I can breathe our collective sigh of relief.  After seeing his vision and his ability to turn on the gas as he hits the hole, I’m feeling pretty confident that he could step in and carry a *portion* of the load if the Texans were hit by injuries at the RB position again.

Gary Kubiak told the media after the Tuesday morning practice that Forsett “…can do a little bit of everything.” Kubiak was referring to his ability to handle punts, which he did for Seattle for the past two seasons.

The Texans desperately need someone to step up and return punts after cutting WR Jacoby Jones, in large part for his issues fumbling punts in the Texans final game of the season.

With any luck, however, the only time you see #28 on the field after the preseason, is when he is handling the punt return duty. (Feel free to giggle.)