By Dan Bernstein- Senior Columnist

(CBS) There’s nothing wrong with watching the Olympics – particularly track and field – with full awareness that most of the achievements being celebrated are not entirely human. In fact, that’s the only reasonable approach for anyone with even a passing interest in these events.

For many of us, years of drug-tainted performances have deadened the senses. Records fall, anthems play, shoes get sold, and then we get back to sports that matter more to us. For others, the athletes are not so much tainted as scientifically enhanced – the competition viewed now as a high-tech synergy of man and molecular engineering, in which the outcomes can still be celebrated for what they actually are, regardless of the laughable rhetoric that accompanies the games, insisting it’s something more pure.

There is another place where too many still exist, however, that is as intellectually dishonest as it is willfully ignorant, where convenient blind spots and emotionaI neediness cause otherwise intelligent people to create fairylands of childish naiveté.

It is indefensible ground. The province of suckers.

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