We’ve GOT to have the audio of the weighlifter getting crushed at the Olympics. It will make everyone cringe and laugh…


615- NFL Hall of Famer Howie Long!

630- Daily Top 3! The “Missing Rings”… Best teams that didn’t win a ring… We can use this article as a jumping off point, where Clay Matthews says the Packers beat themselves last year http://sports.yahoo.com/news/nfl–packers-defenders-vow-to-better-support-aaron-rodgers–offense-this-season.html and Woodson says Packers had false sense of security…

645- Let’s revisit the Tebow discussion from late in yesterday’s show…

700- Ummm… These Texans free agents… Am I the only one that expected SOME of them to do be done by now? At least one of them? Something? This is a concern, long term, for this team…

715- Texans 53 man roster… Where are the real positional battles, how many spots are TRULY up for grabs on this team…

730- JOHN MCCLAIN… John will join us in our 53 man roster discussion

745- NO HUDDLE… with John McClain…. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/08/07/elvis-dumervil-avoids-charges-in-road-rage-incident/

800- Kubiak says the right side of the O-Line is too close to call AUDIO… What does John think? Also, let’s use the Yates AUDIO to have a brief TJ Yates discussion… He’s got to be in a VERY frustrating spot… He got to play last year, won a playoff game, and now he’s in the position where if the team has it’s way he won’t play a SINGLE meaningful minute for the next couple YEARS…

815- Rick Smith… Do we not have Rick Smith today? Today is skipped on the list of position groups…

830- We have Foster and Barwin AUDIO on Bradie James and we have audio from Bradie James… let’s have a Bradie James discussion about what he needs to do to fill in for Demeco and what he brings to this team…

845- Let’s get McClain’s thoughts on these replacement officials… We have audio from Mike Pereria from FOX right here http://chicago.cbslocal.com/tag/mike-pereira/ saying how the league is LYING about the refs experience and one of them got LAID OFF from the lingerie league!

900- Let’s revisit the pending free agents discussion. I can’t be the only person that is shocked that not a single guy yet has been signed long term…


930- Nick’s Notes!

945- Two Minute Drill… Handoff to Mike and Brad


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