Texans tight end Phillip Supernaw has always wanted to play in the NFL, and is thrilled to have that opportunity with his hometown team. Supernaw grew up in Katy where he played for James E. Taylor High School, and played college football at Ouachita Baptist University in Southwestern Arkansas.

1. His dad is country music singer Doug Supernaw, but the two have always had a strained relationship. Doug’s fame started to subside when Phillip was in middle school, and they have limited contact now.

2. Now standing six-foot-five and weighing 250 pounds, Supernaw was small and underdeveloped as a freshman in college. In his sophomore and junior years Supernaw became more serious about his NFL ambitions and bulked up to his current size.

3. He has lived with his mother Trudy, an interior decorator in Katy, for as long as he can remember. He has never lived with his father.

4. In college he liked to play intramural sports even though Ouachita Baptist restricted access to student athletes. The school believed that student athletes created an unfair imbalance in intramural sports, but Supernaw still played anyway.

5. Supernaw has definitely inherited some musical influence, but doesn’t listen to country music. He has diverse taste in music, and likes to listen to old school rock, dubstep, and grunge.

6. He thinks that he gets a better fan response because he’s from Katy.

7. He taught himself how to drive stick-shift with his first car, a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee. He no longer drives it, and now has a 2000 Nissan Pathfinder.

8. He spends a lot of time hanging out and playing golf with Garret Graham, Case Keenum, and James Casey. They frequently golf together, and Graham has more golf equipment than Supernaw has ever seen in his life.

9. Most of his family still lives in Houston, and they consistently visit him at practice. He has a brother who works as a stock broker, a sister as an accountant, and another sister living in Las Vegas.

10. He majored in Finance, Marketing, and Management; but he admits football has always been his life’s ambition.

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  1. Doug McCarter says:

    I coached Supernaw in high school (basketball). Toughest kid I ever coached.

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