After up and down days throughout the week, the Texans finished training camp with a strong performance today.

1. Outside Linebacker Jesse Nading did not appear to be injured, but sat out of practice today.

2. Brandon Brooks did not practice for the second day in a row after having issues with the heat yesterday. He did a few conditioning drills with Andre Johnson and other injured players before returning to the sidelines to watch practice.

3. Garret Graham continued to get first team reps with Owen Daniels. It’s unclear whether Graham has earned a starting job yet, but the increased attention that he has received recently could suggest a different role for James Casey.

4. Rookie Outside Linebacker Rennie Moore was caught in a pile and walked off the field favoring his right leg. He sat out the rest of seven-on-sevens and worked with Texans medical staff, but eventually returned to practice without a visible limp.

5. Owen Daniels had somewhat of an off-day with several drops on easy passes. Daniels may be somewhat rusty after being held out of practice several times this week, but there has been nothing to indicate that his skills have regressed.

6. Keshawn Martin was targeted frequently, and had one of the day’s biggest catches from Matt Schaub. Martin’s performance, and number of targets, have improved consistently throughout the week.

7. Lestar Jean has also progressed throughout the week. He had a few more exciting catches than usual and is dropping fewer passes than he did at the beginning of camp.

8. Today was the final day that Training Camp was open to fans, and they showed up in huge numbers to support the Texans.


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