Undrafted Texans rookie Running Back Jonathan Grimes has recently been getting a lot of attention from Texans’ coaches at practice. In his senior season at William & Mary, Grimes led the nation with 228.18 all-purpose-yards per game and became the most decorated player in Colonial Athletic Association History with 11 all-american honors. In addition to his athletic achievements, Grimes has an interesting background as a musician.

1. Grimes is an avid pianist and earned a music degree from William & Mary.

2. He is the youngest of three siblings, with an older brother and sister.

3. At age 7, his father gave him the ultimatum that he could not keep playing football unless he learned to play the piano. He was active as a kid and had difficulty sitting down to learn the piano, but began to appreciate music once he learned popular songs.

4. He makes his own music with his William & Mary roommate Kelly Fitzgerald, who plays the drums. They have yet to officially release anything, but have written several songs together.

5. Grimes enjoys playing gospel songs, and was most influenced by the pianist in his hometown parish.

6. William & Mary is, by his own admission, a “nerdy” school. One of his favorite events during the year was Audio Adventure, in which students follow instructions from an audio recording that leads them to various locations around campus.

7. Grimes became friends with Shawn Loiseau the last time that they were in Houston. Neither of them had a car, and they spent a lot of time walking around the neighborhood surrounding Reliant Stadium together.

8. At William & Mary a fan once waited several hours into the night just to get his autograph after a game. The fan waited so late that only Grimes’ family was still waiting for him.

9.According to other players on the team, Grimes has no swag. He explains that he is old-school, and tries to be simple by not wearing gloves at practice or wearing anything flashy. He also carries Arian Foster’s pads at practice.

10. Grimes has been relatively quiet about his piano playing, but word has finally gotten out. He explained that he has been unable to practice while living with the team, but will play keyboard at team meetings later today.

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