By JOHN TYNAN, SportsRadio 610

There’s more to Jared Crick than his tenacity on defense.

1. The rookie defensive end, a huge movie buff, says he spends most of his down time expanding his 300-plus DVD collection and enjoying some of his favorite films such as Wedding Crashers and Gladiator.

2. Though Crick considers all the guys on the defensive line to be some of his closest his friends on the team, fellow rookies Dave Hunter and Hebron Fangupo are among his best.

3. At the University of Nebraska, Crick was a history major and is particularly passionate about U.S. history.

4. Crick is fluent in sign language so he can communicate with his older sister who is deaf. He says they have a typical brother-sister relationship with plenty of clawing, scratching and arguing.

5. Crick’s first car was a 1988 Cadillac Coupe Deville that was passed down to him from his parents. It was a project car that he worked on to keep running well and looking fresh.

6. The big defenseive end says he was the quiet kid in school who wouldn’t speak unless spoken to first. He claims his quiet demeanor stems from his blue collar upbringing and the fact that his mother was a local teacher.

7. Crick is interested in getting involved with Houston’s deaf community. He says volunteer work is something he’s always wanted to do.

8. When asked about the massive showing of fans at training camp, Crick was amazed at how much loyalty and devotion Texans fans have shown the team. He says he can’t wait to interact with them more as the season progresses.

9. Crick has leaned on J.J Watt more than any other player on the team. Watt has acted like a big brother to Crick, showing him how to act professionally around the fans and the media.

10. When asked about the London Games, Crick joked about what events he would excel at if he were competing for gold. Swimming was one of his first sports as a kid, but Crick (6-4, 279) says he’d be best at throwing the shot put because of his size.

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