One of many injuries yesterday: read more.  This is what training camp is about, getting through it without losing anyone for the year. Most teams won’t succeed in that regard.


And on a side note, the Jaguars are an absolute mess: read more. If MJD gets hurt, as guys who hold out often do, this team could lose all its games… And Lopez, here’s your guy!

615- Rick Smith’s comments on Matt Schaub from yesterday, and let’s gauge everyone’s confidence in Matt’s ability on the field, and also Matt’s ability to STAY on the field. And I want to know if Vandy was surprised at how candid Rick was when talking about Matt.

630- Kevin Walter interview… Top 3 what?


700- AFC South: Best QB- Schaub, easily. Best RB- Arian (with CJ or MJD maybe being a close 2 nd )… Best WR- Andre Johnson (with Reggie Wayne or Kenny Britt potentially being able to make the argument if Andre is hurt, but it’s clearly Andre right now.) Best OL- Duane Brown, with no close 2 nd . Best DL- JJ or Antonio (Remember, Freeney doesn’t play DL anymore with Colts moving to 3-4). Best LB-Cushing or Barwin (with maybe Freeney competing at that spot, but we don’t know) Best DB- Jonathan Joseph (with Jason McCourty of TN being a distant 2 nd .) THIS IS INSANE! The Texans have the best player at every position in the division, most without any real debate.

715- Best player on the Texans… I talked to some guys yesterday… All of them said Andre, so here’s my question: What is the emotional and mental drain on his Teammates if he is injured.

730- Let’s talk some offensive line, and let’s start the discussion with Vandy’s Rashad Butler interview

745- NO HUDDLE…Tim Tebow is a liar or an absolute idiot, with no in between, and I can prove this to you…Dirk Nowitzki might be my favorite player in the league, not that a player left, but that the players that don’t are being complimented for it…

800- Bud Light Spot Light… Since we are going to be talking LBs with Rick, I think putting the spotlight on Connor Barwin makes a lot of sense.

815- GM Rick Smith on the battles at the LB position.

830- John McClain (If he wants to do it, which I’m sure he will, if not, we will do Text and Answer, which would have been at 815 usually)

845- Former Texan Corey Bradford

900- My interview with Brice McCain… He has some good stuff about playing nickel vs outside, but he also (and so did Manning when I talked to him) said he would have Andre as this team’s best player and I think this can lead us to a discussion of Andre revisited from the 7am hour.


930- The Best of Rick Smith AND Nick’s Notes with Nick Scurfield

945- 2 Minute Drill, revisit the Texans vs AFC South… and promo of what’s coming up on the Players show.


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