HOUSTON (CBS Houston) –Although Andre Johnson and Kareem Jackson’s injuries were the biggest news coming into today’s training camp, there was still plenty to see at today at the Methodist training center.

1. Kareem Jackson did not practice with the minor hamstring injury that he suffered yesterday. However, he was still at camp and appeared to have no trouble walking around. His injury doesn’t seem very serious, and is likely due to the athletic readjustment of getting back to football.

2. Andre Johnson was at practice and after straining his groin yesterday and walked without a limp. He had no trouble walking or jogging between drills, but is clearly taking things easy. Johnson is expected to return to practice next week.

3.In Johnson’s absence, Lestar Jean has been getting more reps with both the first and second teams. Jean has been impressive in camp so far, and has made a habit of consulting Johnson throughout practice.

4. Although it’s always hot, there was definitely more of a breeze today than the first two days of training camp. Today’s practice also moved into the bubble later than usual.

5. Despite cooler temperatures, there were still players struggling with the heat. Defensive lineman seemed to be having the most trouble, and Ra’Shon Harris had to sit out one-on-one drills with the offensive line.

6. Jonathan Grimes has been making a strong case for a roster spot with the Texans. He has deceptive quickness and continually earned positive attention from coaches throughout practice.

7. DeVier Posey is noticeably better than he was during OTAs, but still has plenty of room for improvement. In the special teams indoor practice, Posey dropped several punt returns.

8. In the day’s most acrobatic play, Sherrick McManis intercepted a TJ Yates pass intended for Juaquin Iglesias. Kareem Jackson’s absence gave many younger cornerbacks more reps today, and McManis proved that he has the potential to contribute during the regular season.

9. Bryan Braman has been impressive as an outside linebacker. He plays with an intensity that few players have shown during training camp and is often one of the first defenders to get to the ball.

10. Today was youth day at Texans training camp, and younger fans came out in droves to support the Texans. The players were appreciative, and spent longer than usual signing autographs.