We’re live a freaking Training Camp… football season is finally here, can you believe it? And Vandy’s back! And oh yeah, the Texans are widely considered a legit Super Bowl contender.


(And oh yeah, Andre Johnson’s groin… Out a week… This is not the way we hoped to start training camp on the eve of the most anticipated Texans season, basically ever. We’ll get into that shortly)

615- How far this team has come from a year ago? I want to know what was being discussed at training camp one year ago, what the mood of the fans and the players/coaches/media were.

630- Top 3!… I feel like it’s only respectful to let Vandy pick this one.

645- Danieal Manning interview and brief discussion, and, of course, Andre’s groin… Let’s go through the Andre Johnson injury timeline and gauge how concerned we can be… WR Depth Chart is currently- Andre-Walters-Jean?-Posey?-Martin-Bryant

700- The Steelers sign Antonio Brown to 5yrs 42M, after Mike Wallace turned down about 5yrs 50M earlier this offseason… Trading him? http://plus.sites.post-gazette.com/index.php/pro-sports/steelers/117381-ed-trading-wallace-best-for-both-sides Wallace still hasn’t signed his tender that’ll pay him 2.7M… Speculation that he could be had for about a 2 nd and 5 th … https://twitter.com/WilliamsonNFL/status/229288440787771392

about on Saturday. Wouldn’t Mike Wallace instantly make you the AFC favorite, provide you with FULL Andre Insurance this year (and potentially down the road), and this year he costs you less than 3M.

715- Arian Foster has the chance to join the semi-elite historically with a 3 rd straight huge season… Jamal Lewis couldn’t do 3 straight big seasons… Ricky Williams couldn’t… Jamal Anderson couldn’t… Larry Johnson couldn’t… Frank Gore can’t… Jerome Bettis never did… Steven Jackson still hasn’t…

Terrell Davis did… Chris Johnson did… Shaun Alexander did… Tiki Barber did… Edgerrin James did… Priest Holmes did… Eddie George did…

Basically, a 3 rd straight big year puts Arian on a different tier, historically. Right now he’s hanging with the Larry Johnson’s and the Jamal Anderson’s of the world… He’s one good year from joining Terrell davis and Edgerrin James…

730- Let’s discuss Arian a little more (Don’t care really what direction we take this, I just figure talking Arian on the first day of training camp is a can’t miss topic, and this gives us a good chance to work in some phone calls.

745- NO HUDDLE… This is maybe the only interesting part of the Olympics to me so far http://www.thebiglead.com/index.php/2012/07/28/hope-solo-goes-off-on-former-womens-star-and-current-commentator-brandi-chastain/ … Sean Payton picture http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5hIsqg3KTGYbjgGmiVailBmzFbIFA?docId= 9d57e90a1ba340deb01ed76c8ae39850 I love this so much and I love that the Saints legitimately feel that they are being completely screwed here… I’m sorry, Tim, no one runs in the rain shirtless, you’re asking for attention http://content.usatoday.com/communities/thehuddle/post/2012/07/tim-tebow-shirtless-teammates/1#.UBYON7SXTy0

800- BUD LIGHT SPOT LIGHT… And, uh, Hey John, we uhhh, decided to save our #1 Texans for the first day of camp, right? You got Matt Schaub, I got Duane Brown. Let’s discuss, and figure out who Vandy’s got.

815- RICK SMITH talking QBs…

830- John McClain.

845- Andre’s groin, revisited. How worried are you? How worried should you be? And if you’re like I know some of us are, and think the Texans have a real shot at going to the Super Bowl, how is this not the pending potential storm cloud that you’re just praying never materializes?

900- Antonio Smith Interview… Which will lead us to a discussion of the D-Line and really the front 7. Does this unit need to be the best on the team? Is this unit the best on the team?


930- Nick’s Notes with Nick Scurfield. … And the best 2 or 3 cuts from Rick Smith re-aired.

945- Whiner Line… 2 Minute Drill… And oh yeah, how unbelievably awesome it is that football season is finally here.


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