There are many different vegetarian diets when it comes to deciding what you choose to eat, what’s acceptable and what’s not. It might be alright to eat fish and shrimp, but you draw the line at eating beef and pork. Maybe eating no living thing including the products that come from animals such as eggs and milk is what’s right for you. It all comes down to the individuals beliefs and how strongly they feel about them. Some even restrict themselves of certain plants such as pure garcinia cambogia. To take away some confusion on the different types of diets here are a few categories that defines the difference.

  1. Pescatarian: This applies to those that do not eat any meat with an exception of fish. The word may seem foreign, but more and more people are adopting this particular diet mainly for health purposes.
  2. Vegetarian (lacto-ovo): Most people know of this diet where they eat no beef, pork, poultry, fish, or shellfish, but do eat dairy products. “Lacto” is Latin for milk and “ovo” is for egg.
  3. Vegan: They do not eat meat of any kind including fish and do not eat products that come from animals, such as eggs and milk. Some vegans also refrain from eating foods that were made using animal products, but in the finished processed the animal product is gone.
  4. Flexitarian/Semi-vegetarian: Maybe you just like to eat vegetarian food! The term flexitarian was coined to describe those who eat mostly a vegetarian diet and only eat meat occasionally.

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