HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – Who made a better acquisition this free agency period than Daryl Morey with Jeremy Lin? Please, answer that question before you say anything else about the Rockets’ offseason or general manager Daryl Morey.

The Hornets matched Eric Gordon’s max-offer and the Pacers did the same with Roy Hibbert’s. Thus, neither player was ever available. The Nets extended Deron Williams a max money deal, and Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan were never leaving their respective teams.

Yes, Steve Nash and Ray Allen were “available,” but both left their teams with the express purpose of winning a title this year or next, and Houston wasn’t going to fit that description. Also, for what Houston is trying to do, I don’t know that Steve Nash or Ray Allen make any sense.

So what free agent did you want? What free agent that was truly available is better than Jeremy Lin? Jason Terry, who signed with the Celtics, and is 34? Ryan Anderson who signed with the Hornets, who does one thing and one thing only—shoot threes?

And don’t give me this nonsense about Goran Dragic being as good as Jeremy Lin. Maybe you’re correct, right now. But Dragic has been in the league—getting minutes—for five years, and has never had anything close to the run that Lin had last season. Lin is younger and clearly has a higher ceiling than Dragic, and by any measure, is the superior player.

And sure, some of you would have preferred the Rockets kept Kyle Lowry. But let me ask you this: Would you rather have Kyle Lowry, or Jeremy Lin and the Raptors first round pick—that you got for Kyle Lowry?

Before you answer that, remember that that draft pick is the single most attractive trade chip the Rockets have right now, and this whole process is likely pointless if Daryl Morey can’t flip a bunch of pieces for one franchise player. And, no, Jeremy Lin almost certainly is not that franchise player.

But he was the best player who under 34 years old changed teams through free agency this offseason. And criticizing this move because “it isn’t enough” is foolish and pointless. The Rockets got the best available free agent, and they got him at less than eight and half million bucks a year. So the answer to the question at the top, quite simply, is nobody.

Now, about Dwight Howard…



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