600– Rockets amnestying Scola

http://sports.yahoo.com/news/nba–rockets-will-use-amnesty-provision-on-luis-scola-to-clear-cap-space-in-pursuit-of-dwight-howard.html Daryl Morey, as Mike put it on Twitter, is all in, and I love it…


615– Latest on Paterno (We didn’t hit this at all in the 6am hour Thursday, so I think we can do it here and it’ll be well served.)… The Matt Millen AUDIO… Jonesy, this has to be all over the internet, I’m pretty sure Deadspin and TBL… Lopez may well go off on Millen here.

630– … Top 3 Intern Ashley Davenport made us cupcakes. That’s a happy food.  Top Three Happy Foods?


700– RUSTY HARDIN on Adrian Peterson and a little Roger Clemens … and most important: The Rockets.

715– Reaction to Rusty Hardin… and now let’s talk Rockets… Amnestying Scola, all in on Dwight Howard… I like him A LOT better than I do Bynum. John is quite as convinced… But Ric Bucher’s comments did terrify me

730– Gary Owen from the Houston Improv


800– The Penn State angle, not the Paterno angle… They just elected—and I mean 2 weeks ago elected—this effing guy right here


815– Great NFL Interview… Charean Williams.  She will definitely hit on all things NFL, also the Dallas Cowboys and Charean also will weigh in on the Ryan Lochte-Michael Phelps feud.

830– NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS: Oh, great …. we used to love Fridays!

845– MIKE FLORIO. Only the best, from Pro Football Talk.

900– MARC VANDERMEER  … WHO? … on his old employer, Penn State and for the hell of it on Dwight Howard, too.

915– Straw Poll

930– Morey/Howard/Penn State/Millen/Paterno—Whichever is the biggest hit of the day…

945– SHINER WHINER LINE… WINGSTOP 2 MINUTE DRILL… Hand off to Mike and Brad.


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