600– HEADLINES! First of all, the ESPYs make the Home Run Derby look like North By Northwest. … Also, Paterno was a fraud; Dwight Howard update; and consummating meaningless deals?

615– The latest development in… HOW THE MOREY TURNS!

630– Top 3 most embarrassing things you’ve done to impress a girl… That in the wake of this disaster from Bob Kraft. Ah, the things Kraft did for a little spread.


645– Finally, someone says what I’ve been thinking for the longest… The Texans actually have a pretty easy schedule. That’s Nick talking. Lopez thinks slightly differently.


700– Art Briles, Baylor Head Coach … We’ll talk Josh Gordon, RG III’s replacement, Big 12 and more.

715– This Paterno letter is so infuriating, it’s almost beyond words. Why Lopez believes Paterno is a complete fraud.

http://pennstate.scout.com/2/1201534.html… And why I’m going to have a hard time trusting anything from this Freeh report


730- Something disturbing in local headlines. Something understandable, but very disturbing.

745– HORNSOLUTIONS.NET NO HUDDLE!… NCAA 2013 was just released…

800– Finally, someone says what I’ve been thinking for the longest… The Texans actually have a pretty easy schedule


815– Dwight Howard… Andrew Bynum… The latest on where we are with this ridiculous saga, and whether it’s going to be ending anytime soon.

830Calls on Howard and Bynum… And what is wrong with women? Paragraphs 16-26 are just pure gold


and, oh yeah, it’s Nick Saban’s daughter!

845– The more I read about Joe Paterno, the angrier I get. Here’s a letter he wrote, making it CLEAR this wasn’t a “football” scandal


 Well that’s just great, very important clarification to make…

900– Janis Schmees Exec. Director of Harris County Houston Sports Authority We definitely will ask about the Astrodome, Houston getting into the NCAA Football Playoff mix and more.

915- Straw Poll

930– Art Briles on Josh Gordon and whether or not we are making too much of the Texans WR situation… And now this is even happening in the supplemental draft

http://profootballtalk. nbcsports.com/2012/07/11/report-josh-gordon-may-be-overhyped/ …

945– Shiner Whiner Line… 2 Minute Drill… Handoff to Mike and Brad


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