600– HEADLINES! All Star game thoughts … Deal Or No Deal — what the Rockets need is soem Deal Or No Deal girls to spice up the rumor mill.

615– All Star game… Yeah, Nick didn’t watch… Lopez did a bit more. But the part Nick  saw involved a guy (Bryce Harper) getting criticized for hustling… I’ll never understand this part of baseball, these idiotic, unwritten rules. Also, anyone who complains about this game deciding home field should be bludgeoned. Hey, wait a minute! Lopez thinks it’s stupid to determine homefield via the All Star Game. Are we having a bludgeoning?
630– Speaking of Unwritten Rules … what are some of Life’s Unwritten Rules?

645– This Josh Gordon character from Baylor and the supplemental draft.


A lot of reasons why the Texans should and potentially would take a look at him. (Art Bryles on the show Thursday)

700– As the Morey turns! Can I interest you in Andrew Bynum? Lopez believes this is a Sophie’s Choice for Morey … he will regret the decision either way.  http://probasketballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/07/10/dwight-howard-latest-three-team-deal-with-bynum-to-rockets-in-play/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter  and  http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/8147719/porlando-magic-exploring-other-dwight-howard-trades-source-says

715– Ask the fans… Would you rather have a guaranteed 4+ years of Bynum or the 1 year and a shot at Howard?… And I hear we have some Montiejunas audio. I NEED MONTIEJUNAS AUDIO!

730– John McClain… Jacoby Jones drops are becoming a problem in Baltimore, I still would like to have him back here


745– HORNSOLUTIONS.NET NO HUDDLE! The Headline here is worth the click thru http://www.tmz.com/2012/07/10/sean-payton-divorce-dancing-blonde-rebound/

Lance Armstrong, stop it, man

 http://deadspin.com/5924744/?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_twitter&utm_source= deadspin_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow.

 Get ready for the first annoying story of the Olympics! Meanwhile, Lopez has a story about why the Olympics are the greatest sporting experience inthe world.


800- John McClain… Bud Adams was going to pay Peyton $25M a year!


815– John McClain… Can we ask John about Wes Welker? Because I really think John and I disagree here.

830– John McClain… The Heat seem to be building an All Star team

http://sports.yahoo.com/news/rashard-lewis-decides-sign-heat-213834110–nba.html … I want to know if John thinks those can work in the NFL

845– John McClain… Hey AD, I’m on your side, but we’ve seen the mugshot. You’ve gotta stop with the “I got beat up” story. Lopez tells us the saddest thing of all about the hub-bub over A.D.


900– Is it possible the Rockets want Andrew Bynum more than they want Dwight Howard?

 915– Revisit Josh Gordon and the supplemental draft… Straw Poll!

 930– So you guys were right about the switch to the dish washer… Now can you guys help me with the ice machine?… And what do we do about these pictures that John tweeted out? I have a lot of issues here, I feel like Meltser.

 945– Shiner Whiner Line… 2 Minute Drill… Handoff to Mike and Brad, and discuss some things about the great city of Katy with Brad.


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