600– Headlines! We have a long way to go and a short time to get there. WAKE UP, Houston!

615– How are the Heat not in this Dwight Howard derby? HAVE YOU SEEN the players involved?

 http://sports.yahoo.com/news/nba–nets-emerge-again-as-strong-contender-to-land-dwight-howard.html … And I do feel like the Marcus Camby trade is a nice juxtaposition there. That’s what Nick thinks. Lopez says it’s all about how Non-competitive Dwight Howard is. HE DOESN’T CARE.

630– The Home Run Derby is the least watchable event on TV… Top 3 worst announcers (because of Berman) ? Oh, my. Where do we begin … and any local announcers on this list?

645– More Likely to Happen! Who else would get the “Robinson Cano” treatment. And more.

700– College kid says I’ll play football for you… But you’ve got to give a scholarship to my buddy, too. I love this, I imagine a lot of you will not. Lopez considers it an improper inducement. But when has the NCAA ever been proper?


715- AD’s side of the story comes out. Two words: Rusty Hardin.

730– Astros Broadcaster Bill Brown. You really don’t want to miss Brownie’s stories. We’ll also take the temperature of the Astros — if they have one.

745– No Huddle… Tiger on missing the cut… Wes Welker might just need the Patriots a bit more than the Patriots need Wes Welker… And more.

800– Brand new columnist for the Houston Chronicle, Randy Harvey. He’s got some stories about Lopez. And other great stuff.

815– T&A.Your chance to ask the guys anything, about ANYTHING. Sort of a None Of Your Business Light.

830– Texans Top 20… Number 14…

845– What do you make of what Ted Johnson said yesterday about following orders in the NFL?

900– What do you make of this?

 http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/8144317/penn-state-nittany-lions-say-donations-second-highest-school-history People coming together in a time of tragedy? Or people prioritizing sports and loyalty over the safety and well-being of kids?… And on a completely unrelated note, this is something that Europe simply has right over the US http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2170669/Oxfam-wins-100-000-donation-long-term-bet-bequeathed-charity-deceased-gambler-comes-in.html OR We can remake the 7am segment…

915– How are the Heat not in this Dwight Howard derby? HAVE YOU SEEN the players involved? And, of course, the Straw Poll!… Marcus Camby sign and trade details.Nothing too special, but likely something that THRILLED Morey.

930– Tully Corcoran from FoxSportsHouston on AD

945– Shiner Whiner Line… 2 Minute Drill…