Imagine you’re 36-years old. You’ve never won a World Series. And you play for one of baseball’s worst teams.

Meanwhile, an injury-ravaged contender is desperate to add a bat. They make a deal that would bring you aboard. You’re finally getting a chance to contribute to a winning baseball.

Who the hell would pass up that opportunity?

Easy: Carlos Lee.

In case you missed it over the weekend, the Astros somehow found a way to ship Lee to the pop-less Dodgers. A team so desperate for offense, they’d have payed a significant portion of the $8 million left on his salary to acquire a guy on pace to make $2 million per home run this season.

But Carlos – armed with a no trade clause – had cold feet. And now the Astros are stuck with him.

Forget that Lee has been a colossal failure with the Astros. That he’s amounted to be a $20 million dollar out-of-shape contact hitter. And that he only entertains us when he attempts to “run” the bases.

Ok…at least try to forget those facts.

What really bothers me about Carlos is that he doesn’t seem to care. How else can you explain a guy vetoing a trade to a contender?

I’ll explain the consequences. When Carlos Lee’s contract comes up after this season, do you think anyone will be knocking on his door? Especially after he turned down a chance for the Dodgers?

Hell to the no.

This is a guy who was allowed to leave spring training to tend to his ranch. A player who doesn’t give a damn about the terrible shape he’s in. And a guy who’s clearly playing out the string waiting for his last paycheck. Pride and competitiveness are clearly not traits he’s familiar with.

Lee had a chance to play for a real baseball team. He had a golden opportunity to end his career with a post-season run in LA. But he didn’t want it. Because the game no longer has meaning for him.

He just doesn’t care.

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