By DAN MATHEWS, SportsRadio 610

It seems like this is a underlying theme of the 2012 Astros and the first year of the Jim Crane ownership.  Wednesday, he added to the speculation that more changes could be coming to the team, in regards mostly to Minute Maid Park.

Two of those changes could be in regard to the train and Tal’s Hill in straightaway center field.  The Astros owner says these two things will be a topic of conversation in the near future.

“I think center field (Tal’s Hill) is under consideration” Crane said.

The train is also under consideration.

But like the name change hoopla that was floated around in January.  The Astros owner points out it, that it doesn’t necessarily mean that a change will be made.

“We’re going to do our marketing research,” Crane Said.  “We’re going to study it (and) we’re gonna try to make a good decision, if we make a decision.”

One change that seems a little more likely to happen is with the team’s uniforms.  Crane did confirm the club had submitted a uniform change to the league.

“Uniforms are underway and they’re submitted,” Crane said.  “We’re hoping they’re approved.”

No word yet on when that decision is expected to be made by Major League Baseball.

As this trend of changes continues, one could bring back a face or faces of the past to help out the organization.  With Roger Clemens recently being acquitted of all government perjury charges.  Crane has said in the past he would welcome a chance to sit down and discuss a potential role in the organization with the former Cy-Young Award winner.

“I just talked to his agent today and we’re trying to work a meeting,” Crane said. “He is under contract, as soon as the dust kind of settles we’d like have him out and do something here.”

The Astros owner says he has not had a chance to speak with Jeff Bagwell about having a more extensive role with the club.  The former All-Star first baseman is still under a personal services contract with the team.  His last active role was as a part-time television analyst for the Astros broadcasts during the 2011 season.


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