HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – A different kind of “Avengers” are coming to Houston movie theaters. Soon, the ghosts of Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, and a slew of other presidents will be joining Houstonians at the movies.

The American Clean Skies Foundation is implementing a new campaign featuring archival footage of former presidents during historic speeches and pivotal moments in American history to beef up the Obama Administration’s push for natural gas dependence.

The campaign from ACSF, a natural gas advocacy group, has included clips from powerful speeches such as Reagan urging Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, Kennedy insisting that landing a man on the moon be a priority, and Lyndon B. Johnson call to “overcome the crippling legacy of bigotry and injustice.” Two relevant clips to the group’s message featured Nixon having promised that the country would meet its necessary energy needs within 10 years and Jimmy Carter denouncing the country’s dependence on foreign oil. Phrases such as “What if we didn’t listen?” and “What if we ignored the challenge?” are integrated into the ads.

The Houston Chronicle reports that ACSF is initially spending about $350,000 to run the ads in movie theaters in Houston, New York, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, as well as on Bloomberg TV. Media reports indicate that the foundation’s primary financial supporter is Chesapeake Energy Corp, the mega natural gas producer. The campaign comes as the discussion continues in political circles surrounding natural gas as a sensible replacement for petroleum-based fuels often used in cars and planes.

“We wanted to compare President Obama’s State of the Union commitment to natural gas to other historic calls to action by Democratic and Republican presidents alike,” ACSF CEO Gregory Staple told the Chronicle.


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