Do you recognize the man in the middle?

Easy: It’s Dwyane Wade. And yes, he has supplanted Lebron James as the most detestable player in the Association.

For the past two years, its been too easy to rail on Lebron. The Decision. The pre-“Dynasty” celebration. Pulling a Houdini in just about every big moment that has crossed his path.

I’m not going to lie…I’ve kind of enjoyed it. But it’s gotten stale. Especially after Lebron missed those two free throws against the Pacers on Tuesday. “The King” was crucified, while D-Wade – who missed an easy layup in the waning moments – was left untouched.

No more. It’s time to start a new fad.

D-Wade is one of the best players in the NBA. When he’s on his game, its something fantastic to watch. So I’m willing to forget his idiotic sense of style (bandaids…really bro?) and the fact that he played like utter garbage against the Pacers yesterday.

But his childish on court-antics are driving me nuts. Dude. You’re a veteran. GROW UP.

If you were playing against Wade in a pick-up basketball game, odds are you’d loathe him. He’s the kind of guy that calls a foul every time he misses:

Or throw a temper tantrum in disbelief after every uncalled bump:

And don’t even try to show the man up. Because if you do manage to embarrass him, you better watch your back on the other side of the court:

If that wasn’t a flagrant foul made out of frustration, I don’t know what is.

Getting back to our pickup game setting – Wade is the kind of player who’ll ruin the game when things aren’t going his way. How? By either lashing out irrationally at the first person in sight:

Or simply by quitting to go home, taking his basketball – the one game ball – home with him.

You might disagree with me. And that’s fine. But let me offer you this challenge. Watch the Heat and Pacers on Sunday. And then count the number of times that Wade makes you think: “Wow, what a tool.”

Odds are it’ll be just like the Heat’s infamous preseason celebration. Not one, not two, not three, not four. Nope. Much, much more.

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