Just like the changes made on all those home improvement shows, our live music lounge has been morphed into a stylish, friendly and super trendy spot, courtesy of the designers at IKEA.

It’s new and improved and ready for performers and guests of CBS Radio!

Before IKEA created this beautiful space, the room was decorated with gold floor-to-ceiling drapes, large furniture pieces and Persian rugs. The drapes limited the space from natural light.


BEFORE: The band Neon Trees performs in the old lounge. (credit: CBS Radio)

With her incredible vision and ideas, IKEA marketing manager Kimberly Castillo analyzed the space and found easy ways to create something more modern.

“We decided to go with a more hip design to represent the stylish furniture solutions from IKEA and the cool music factor by Cricket and CBS Radio,” Castillo said. “The lounge definitely has a more hi-tech vibe to it now and allows for flexibility and functionality for upcoming private performances and events.

“The room allowed for some flexibility; and we were excited to work around some of the challenges, such as utilizing furniture pieces that are multi-functional and could work for a meeting space as well as creating more of a lounge experience for the attendees.”


BEFORE: Karmin performs for guests in the old lounge. (credit: Anna-Megan Raley/CBS Houston)

The large furniture piece were taken away, and the drapes have been removed. The various shades of gold have been replaced with contrasting shades of deep grays, navy and lights blues, turquoise, some black and a hint of lime green.


AFTER: The new look to our music lounge is custom designed by IKEA. (credit: CBS Radio)

Seating can now be found on dark gray KIVIK sofas or at the new modern cocktail tables. The wall opposite the windows hosts numerous mirrors that allow the natural light to invade the room from both sides.

The outdated rugs are no more, and the floor has since been decorated with nicely-textured blue rugs that have specs of green to tie into the green decorative pillows found on the sofas. The color scheme, furniture selections, bright-colored textiles and overall design make for a trendier look and feel.


AFTER: Snow Patrol performs for guests in the new-look lounge. (credit: CBS Radio)

“IKEA Houston is thrilled to partner with CBS Radio to design the new MUVE Music lounge,” Castillo added. “We are really excited about a space where guests can sit back and enjoy something we all appreciate – great music.”

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