Yea, I’ve heard some crazy things when gossiping. I guess it shouldn’t shock me or surprise me some of the stupid, weird, mean stuff that people do…yet it does! Have you heard or experienced some Crazy Chick behavior? Leave a comment–but keep it clean or I’ll have to delete it!

Top 10 Signs the Chick You’re Dating is Crazy!

10. Crazy Chick does google searches on not only you, but all your friends and family so she can ‘get to know you’ better.

9.  Crazy Chick shows up at your office for a ‘surprise lunch’ but what she’s really doing is checking out whether or not any of your female co-workers are hot.

8.  Crazy Chick keeps mementos from her previous relationships displayed in her apartment and longingly refers to each as “Failure #1″…”Failure #2…”Failure #3″…etc.

7.  Crazy Chick starts dressing just like you…right down to the brand of boxer shorts.

6.  You’ve gone out with Crazy Chick for only a week and she’s already changed her Facebook status to “In a Relationship”.

5.  Crazy Chick dresses up as an escaped mental patient…but it’s not Halloween.

4.  Instead of calling/texting you, she just follows the GPS tracking device she installed on your car.

3.  When Crazy Chick says ‘True love has escaped me.’ what she really means is her last boyfriend had to join the Witness Protection Program.

2.  Crazy Chick farks pictures of herself into your photos covering up your ex’s face.

And the number one sign the chick you are dating is crazy…

1.  Even your Mom says…’That girl is crazy!’.


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